Destress for success

Election season. We’ve had our highs, we’ve had our lows, and we’ve finished whole bottles of wine while clicking that refresh button to stay up with the latest information. 

Now, here are some activities that can help you destress from these last couple of months.

Outdoor activities

If you can go for a walk, do it. Don’t forget to mask up and take all the necessary precautions. If you have friends who live close by, make it a group date and ask them to come. If you’re home, open your windows and let fresh air come in. If it’s cold, light a candle!

If you live in a city where you can rent a bike or do other outdoor activities, try them out! It’s good to disconnect for a bit and be more in touch with nature. However, remember always to mask up, take some hand sanitizer with you, and share your location with someone you trust!


If you are feeling athletic, go for a jog. If you don’t feel like leaving your place, you can always look up youtube workout tutorials and do a routine at home. I recommend looking up yoga or pilates routines and doing them in the morning. There’s nothing more refreshing than starting your day with some exercise! As a wise legally blonde once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!”


Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey, and make something. You can do anything from a homemade pizza to a cocktail! Check out our wine and dine section for fun cocktail ideas! 

If you don’t feel like cooking, a great alternative is outdoor dining. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with a friend and sharing a jug of white wine sangria and some entrees! Going out is also an excellent way to support your local small businesses, so we’re all for it!


There is nothing more refreshing than changing your surroundings, and you can do this from home by reorganizing everything from your closet to your furniture. Take everything out of your closet, clean your wardrobe, and reorganize by color. This makes it easier to find items you will need for future outfits. Once you’ve done so, you will also have a better idea of what you use and what you don’t. It may be a good chance for you to prepare a donation bag for Goodwill or The Salvation Army. 

Another good idea is to rearrange your furniture! It’s good to change up things every once in a while. Move your bed around, and maybe you’ll find a better position for it! If you have some extra cash that you have been thinking about using, getting some new wall decor is a good idea as it will give any room a personal touch!

Remember hustlers, as crucial as it is to hustle; it is also essential to take care of your mind, body, and soul!

Hustle on,