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The World is Changing: More Women in Sports

Sunday night, we all tuned in to watch the Super Bowl and it delivered. I never thought I would see Tom Brady and Gronkowski play together in the same team, let alone win a Super Bowl together… again!  Yet, the most amazing thing about this Super Bowl was the number of women who took the…

New Year New You

Welcome to 2021 Hustlers! Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through January and we can’t let this year go unnoticed. We all agree that 2020 didn’t count, so it’s up to us to make this the best year yet! We all have new years resolutions, but do we actually get to achieve all of…

TikTok For Days

Scrolling through TikTok, I’ve found some accounts that may actually help you understand different industries better and give you some tips and tricks to advance your career! Finance @financefornormalpeople teaches you some tips and tricks in finance in a way that’s easy to understand and also has some funny videos! @hardesshotline If you’re looking to…

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