7 Essentials You Need To Bring On A Date

Dating can be a lot of fun: meeting new people, socializing, and potentially finding a connection is great! However, we have all been caught in tricky situations that could’ve easily been prevented. Be it food stuck in your teeth, your mascara smudging, or your phone running out of battery, we have been through it all! So after you’re all dolled-up, have the perfect outfit, and a cute hair-do, don’t forget these 7 essential items you need to take with you to be ready for anything:


We’ve all been through this; after eating a salad, a piece of lettuce is stuck in our front teeth. What makes it even worse is when it doesn’t want to come out and you’re in the middle of a date! In this case, your only option is to pray that the restaurant has toothpicks, or if they don’t, to desperately attempt to get it out in the bathroom with anything you have on hand. This is why, a travel toothbrush, if you have one, is one of the most critical items you need to have with you as they are small and can fit anywhere. If you don’t have one, a regular toothbrush will work as well! Pop into the bathroom, quickly brush your teeth, and you’re ready to continue the date as if nothing ever happened. 

Portable battery or charger

This doesn’t need an explanation right? We all know how disastrous it is to be stuck somewhere with no way to communicate. Even worse, what if you don’t have transportation and planned to order an Uber? Now you have to walk or hope you still have money on your metrocard.

Makeup wipes

We’ve all been there; we forget we have mascara on, rub our eyes, and proceed to smudge it all over our face. Not only this, but makeup wipes can also be handy if we are planning a *long* night ahead of us and don’t want to return home wearing yesterday’s makeup. So before leaving home, make sure you have the wipes in your bag. 


We all struggle with bad hair days and untamable hair. So I recommend carrying a small travel brush with you. Rain or shine, always put your best foot forward.

Gum or mints

Bad breath is the worst. Just please, always carry gum or mints. My go-to’s are Altoids Peppermint Mints; because unlike gum, you won’t need to spit them out.


There’s nothing worse than being on your way to a date and realizing that something doesn’t smell right. Your mind starts racing and you wonder if the other person will be able to smell it; they will be far away, but still, if they get closer, they definitely could. So just avoid this anxiety and take some deodorant with you. Always.  


If your phone dies, your credit cards aren’t working, the venue only accepts cash, or there is a valet, you might need some money. Save yourself the embarrassment of asking your date for money and always carry at least a $20 bill. You never know, be ready for the unexpected.

As always, Hustlers, go out and have fun! That’s the most important thing. But save yourself the angst and carry these things with you. You’ll thank us later.

Hustle on,