Free Quarantine Must-Dos! (or when bored at home)

Ok, so you’re stuck in quarantine, or even if you are one of the lucky few, and are able to go wherever you want, there’s really not much to do. In fact, after watching an entire Netflix series in a week (seriously), I found myself bored out of my mind and with the worst posture and back pain I’ve ever experienced.

So I decided to compile a list, with a step-by-step guide, of 3 things that you can do to keep yourself entertained, and that have made staying at home a little more bearable!

Plant some herbs!

This might sound too time-consuming or even expensive but it isn’t. And in fact, you don’t have to buy a pot or anything at all if you don’t want to! These are the steps:

1. Prepare the plant!

The next time you buy fresh basil, parsley or cilantro (or any other fresh herb on a stem) at the store, save a couple of the stems. Cut just below the place where the first leaves come out of the stem, remove leaves from the bottom third of the stem and place it in water. Then put it in bright indirect sunlight and change the water every 2-3 days to prevent smells and algae growth. In 10-14 days you should start seeing some roots coming out of the stem. 

2. Make your pot!

Whilst you are waiting for your stems to develop roots, you have time to buy or make your pot. If you don’t want to spend anything buying a new pot, simply use an empty water bottle, water gallon, or paint bucket (if you want to plant more) and cut it through the middle so you are left with an open container. Then heat up a knife or a screwdriver or anything pointy and make some holes at the bottom and you have a DIY pot! That’s all you have to do. But if you’re feeling more creative then grab some pens or paint and decorate it as you like.

3. Plant your rooted stems into the pot!

Once the roots are about 1-2 inches long, they are ready to be planted in soil. If you prefer, you can buy potting soil (as this guarantees to provide the nutrients necessary for your plant to thrive). Or if you’d rather not and you live somewhere with a garden where the plants are doing well, then simply take some soil from there and use it in your pot. Once the roots are ready, take the stems out of the water and immediately plant it in the soil in your pot! Make sure that the soil is pre-moistened so your roots don’t dry out.

4. Your herbs are ready!

After you have planted the stems, make sure to water your herbs whenever the soil gets dry and make sure to have them in a place where they get bright indirect sunlight as this will ensure that they thrive. If you manage to do this successfully, then you will have herbs to eat forever!

5. Collect the seeds and plant even more!

Once your basil (or cilantro) blooms, you can pick the little buds and remove them from the plant, I recommend cutting it off, and let the buds and flowers dry for a few days. Once they’re dry, crush them and pick out the black seeds (they are tiny). You can store them in ziplock bags in the fridge and you will have enough basil seeds for many more plants. 

Make a bucket list

Maybe your plans for this summer were ruined, or you’ve had to postpone travel or career goals. Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter, because you can prepare now to do all the things you wish you could’ve done once you are able to go out and be normal again!

1. Plans or things you had to postpone

There are probably hundreds of things you wanted to do, that had to be postponed or canceled altogether. But this is why you have a bucket list, so write those things down. This will ensure that you think about them and do them as soon as you can.

2. Activities that interest you but have never done

Maybe you were browsing tik tok and saw some wine tastings, or saw someone bungee-jumping and thought to yourself how cool it would be to do it. This is you opportunity! WRITE. THEM. DOWN. There’s no excuse why you couldn’t possibly do them at some point in the future. In fact, they are now part of your bucket list, and therefore your plan.

3. Things to do or places to visit with friends or family!

Your bucket list should also include your friends or family; after all, everything is better with other people. So hop onto a zoom or facetime call with your friends and come up with a list of all the things you want to do together and the places you want to visit, and add them to your bucket list. 

4. Think big!

It can relate to travel, activities, self-improvement, adventures, new cuisines, anything really. But think and plan big. No matter what it is, and even if it may seem impossible right now, you never know. And you lose nothing by going ahead and putting it in your bucket list.

Create a vision board!

Yes, we really can’t do much right now, but we will go back to normal at some point and it’s important to have a clear vision of your goals and aspirations. This is why a vision board is perfect! It will not only help you visualize your goals but also help map out your plan and path towards achieving them. 

1. Decide where to place it

You can buy a poster board if you want, or you can use an old whiteboard, a corkboard, or simply a part of your wall. It doesn’t matter what you build it on, as long as you choose a location where you can look at it every day.

2. Goals and aspirations

Think about what your goals are in different areas: money, relationships, career, health, travel, etc. and identify the most important for you. Then decide how you want to rearrange those in your vision board or if you want to make smaller ones for each goal.

3. Select your inspiration

Grab old magazines, white paper, and go to google images. Look through the magazines and cut out any images that jump at you or inspire you. Write down the things you want to achieve, or the people that are involved in your goals. Print images from google or any other source that relate to your vision. Maybe write down some quotes that motivate you. Once you have all of those you are ready to make it.

4. Make your vision board

You don’t need to have lots of images or quotes or things written down to start. Because you have no idea how many things you will come up with or will jump out at you once you start. Simply start gluing, pinning, or pasting those images and pieces of paper however it looks best to you. You can layer several images or reorganize them later. I always like to leave a small space blank so I have space to add anything I might come up with later.

But most importantly, a vision board is not a set thing. You can add to it, replace things, or even change it entirely if that goal was already accomplished or if it changed completely. It is a space for you to do whatever you want, there are no rules. 

Once you are happy with it you are done! Go ahead and manifest your goals!

Hustle on,