Safety First! (Dating Apps Edition)

Hustlers, we know dating apps have become the norm, and almost everyone is using them right now. However, how do we protect ourselves from stranger danger? After all, a guy might seem innocent and non-threatening, but turn out entirely different. But don’t panic just yet Hustlers! because here are some of our best tips to prevent this from happening (or at least lower the chance):

1. Share your location

Use Find My Friends, Life360 or any other similar app and continuously share your location with at least 3 other people. Just like you have a designated driver when you go out, have a designated tracker! We usually use each other, even though we’re in different states, it helps to have someone keeping an eye out on you should anything happen. 

Ideally, have your first dates in a public place. We do not recommend going to someone’s house on the first date, but if you must, make sure that you give your designated tracker and a couple of other friends the exact address of where you’re going. Remember, he might look like George Clooney, but safety first!

2. Tell friends where you are going and devise a plan!

Have 1, 2 or 3 people and tell them where you are going, and the time. Give them a specific time for them to check on you, or have a set SOS phrase to text that means you are safe. Tell them that if you don’t respond 30 minutes after they text you incessantly, to call the police, or come to your rescue. But also have an emergency plan in case you want to leave but don’t want to seem rude. Have your friends call you and pretend to have been broken up or be too drunk to drive or have fallen off the stairs and need your help. Anything for your date to believe it’s an emergency and you have to leave asap. Believe me, you will thank us later.

3. Stalk your date

Send your friends (and family?) his entire dating profile. Find him on instagram, facebook, venmo, and linkedin. Stalk him the way you know best. Find his address and hometown if you have to. Just make sure he is who he claims to be! This way you know who they are and how to reach him (or report him to the police) if anything happens. Also, if you can’t find him on social media, or linkedin, chances are he is a catfish; afterall, who isn’t on those platforms nowadays?

4. Stay alert!

Finally, make sure you stay alert and have resources to face any situation. If you need to, get pepper spray, a pocket knife or a taser, and have it in your purse in case of an emergency! 

Remember, safety is key. Now go out there and text that person you’ve been meaning to reply to and happy dating!

Hustle on,

The OG Hustlers