Date From Your Couch

The era of online dating has officially begun. With coronavirus, many of us have resorted to online apps. Now that we’re spending most of our time at home, here are some ideas for dating from home!

Phone dates

Is it awkward? Yes. Your first time doing it, you might feel a little uncomfortable, but then you get used to it. A call is probably the most convenient because you can get comfortable on your couch, or even lay in bed, and put the phone on speaker. Another plus is that you don’t have to get ready! You can be in your pajamas or sweats since you won’t see each other!


FaceTime could need a little more preparation since you might want to do your makeup or make a drink. (If you’re making a drink, check out our drink recipes under the Wine & Dine section). Then you have to choose an area with good lighting. One good idea is to open Snapchat or Instagram and pretend you’re going to record a story to check the lighting and get an idea of how the other person will see you. 

Netflix Party

Another idea is to have a Netflix Party. I think this is an excellent option as it saves you from having to come up with a topic to talk about; you can just dig into the movie, or series and comment as it goes! There’s no makeup required or phone conversation, which is why this idea is best for second or third dates, once you already know a little bit about the person.

Go online on dating apps.

Finally, we have apps that provide online speed dating like The League. Every Wednesday and Sunday, you get the chance to meet with different people through video calls and get three minutes per person where you are given a prompt, and then the date starts. It can be a fun day to end your week or an excellent way to start your second half of the week.

Just put yourself out there; don’t be scared, don’t be shy; if things work out, then great! If they don’t, well, you still gain more experience. You get an opportunity to see what is out there, and it’s a chance to get to know yourself as well: what you like and what you’re looking for.

Hustle On,