New Apartment Must-Haves

I recently moved, and although my apartment came mostly furnished, I needed to furnish my room and add a personal touch. Throughout quarantine, I have been scouting different websites to see where I could get the best deals without compromising quality. 

Here’s what I have found:


Let’s start with my room. I bought a memory foam pillow and a foldable metallic bed frame, which was so light and great if you plan to move to another apartment at some point. I’ve slept on it for about two months now, and it is incredible. I also got a bedside table, and a laundry hamper with a division. I also found two dressers, a tall vertical one and a horizontal one with two columns, to build myself. Working from home also meant that I needed to set up some office space, so I cleaned my desk out and got a memory foam cushion for my chair, which works wonders easing my back pain. Additionally, I bought a fan for the summer. Finally, as I organized my closet, I realized that I needed more hangers, so I got an Amazon set!


Now that gyms are closed, or at limited capacity, I have resorted to working out at home. While I usually go for daily runs, I like to come back, do some mat work, and cool down. For this, I found hand dumbbells with adjustable weights for weight training and a body roller that makes me feel so good afterwards.

Living Room:

I found a foldable rug that is light and easy to clean for my living room, as you can put it in the washing machine. I also found a woven basket to put my throws in and keep them organized. Since my walls were looking a little bit bare, I also started looking for artwork. What I saw online didn’t convince me, so I decided to buy blank canvases, paint, and some paint brushes to create my own art pieces inspired by pictures I found on Pinterest.


A lifesaver that I found on Amazon was a milk frother for my kitchen, which I use every morning when I make a cappuccino before my zoom classes start. I also got an excellent colander for all the pasta I have been making and an oil brush for chicken or buttering up pastries!  If you are looking for sustainable options in your kitchen, I suggest looking into eco-friendly straws like reusable silicone straws. Finally, I got a wooden dough roller at Shein. 


For my bathroom, I have found fantastic items on Shein. Here, I got a bath mat and a canvas poster for my bathroom. Finally, I got a hotel-style shower curtain with a detachable liner from Amazon, making the cleaning process easier!


Finally, for cleaning, I highly suggest getting Ms. Meyers cleaning products and candles since they are eco-friendly, can be refilled, and have a lasting fresh smell! 

Hustle on,