Spotify 2020 Wrapped

This was a long year and to be honest, I spent most of it home, so it only seems fitting that this be categorized under our “Home & Decor” section. 

Staying in means, I probably listened to Spotify more than ever. Anyways, without further ado, here are my results:

According to Spotify, I discovered 522 new artists this year, listened to 418 genres and 117 new ones and my top genres (in order) were Latin, Pop, Rap Trap Latino, and Rock. 

“Tusa” was the song that helped me through it all and which apparently I streamed 166 times. Now, let’s talk about Tusa because it has been a year since I first played it and I still can’t get enough of it. Being realistic, this might be because I made my last pre-quarantine memories to it pre-covid. I got into this song in January and in February I went back to college to visit my friends who were seniors and this song was played at the bars, at the mall, and of course, I played it for my friends while we were getting ready to go out. 

I could not get enough of it. First of all probably because it yells women empowerment. It’s getting through a breakup or heartbreak and coming out stronger. Which, at that stage of my life was very fitting. Moving to New York was rough; at first, I had some friends in the city because a couple of friends were interning here so I could see them and we could go get dinner or drinks, or go out. One of them even helped me move into my first apartment and another one helped me move out of my first apartment and into my second one. However, after the summer was over, many of them left and I was lowkey lonely and it did feel like I had gone through a breakup.

But, towards January, I met a girl in an Uber pool and as chatty as I am I started talking her ear off and by the time I was dropped off, I suggested we should hang out and got her number. The next day we did, and we ended up going to the East Village. Now, she is one of my closest NYC friends! Around that time, I also got really close with one of my coworkers, so one night I decided to introduce them, and just like that the NYC squad was born. This happened around February and we would go out and this song would be playing and I would be singing, and I was just happy. 

When COVID started, I would listen to this song and reminisce about better times. I weathered the pandemic in NYC and all I felt was uncertainty. I couldn’t go home, still haven’t gone home because I’m scared lockdowns will return, and I won’t be able to come back to NYC. So, all I had left were memories of better times.

Today, I saw my NYC squad again after 10 months of not seeing each other and it was amazing. All those Tusa feelings came back, my friends ended up dancing in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. It was just like old times, except that obviously, we were wearing masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizing every five seconds. 

Going through my playlist and seeing all my results has definitely brought back some feelings and helped me do some soul searching. It’s funny how by looking at a Spotify Wrapped you can learn so much about a person or even yourself. Anyways, thank you Spotify for the memories!

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Hustle on,