Best Last Minute Gifts

We’ve all been through it: someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or maybe a holiday celebration is coming up and you’ve left gift shopping to the last minute! We panic and try to come up with the perfect gift in a short amount of time, maybe go to the shopping mall and look around for inspiration. So here are some awesome gift ideas for those moments when you can’t go shop in person or you completely forgot about it:

Bath, body, or aromatherapy

These are the perfect items to stock up on. From cute bars of soap, delicious smelling candles, to colorful bath bombs, these are always an awesome gift; after all, who doesn’t love scents? I recommend checking out @soapdevotion on Instagram as they feature the best hand-made soap bars out there! I love scrolling down their feed and have discovered so many new small businesses that have the most amazing designs and scents.

Masterclass annual membership

Although on the more expensive side at $180, this gift is perfect for someone who loves learning new things or who is currently into cooking, singing, or even poker playing. There’s a class available for anything they might be interested in learning more about. Plus you don’t have to go to a shopping mall to buy it or wait for it to be shipped! You simply purchase it online and can send it immediately or schedule it to be sent on a specific date and time, making it a perfect last-minute gift.

Gift boxes

We all have a friend that has a sweet tooth or one that loves snacks in any form; for them, a snack gift box is a perfect gift. I recommend Sugarwish because you can send them a Sugarwish Select box in several sizes, so your friend or family member is able to choose their favorite products themselves! It also comes with a cute e-card sent to their email, and lets you set the date you want it to be sent on.

Snack gift boxes are not the only gift boxes available! The Little Flower Soap is a husband-wife handmade body care company that has different gift sets and boxes that you can buy to gift anyone you know. They have several options available from cute spa and self-care gift boxes to cocktail lip balm sets. Starting at $8 and going up to $62, there’s something for every budget and everyone, men and women!

Board games

This is always an awesome gift, especially now that we don’t have lots of things to do, a board game is great for playing with friends and family. Whether you buy Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, or Clue, everyone loves a good board game because it’s nostalgic and for all ages. Don’t forget that there’s different editions of all the classic games! So you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your Disney obsessed friend, or your family member who’s a Harry Potter fan. It’s the perfect excuse to log-off and turn on your competitive streak whilst drinking a glass of wine and enjoying your favorite snacks!

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