Keeping Your Internet Presence Job Ready

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend whose Instagram was intact from the day they started their account. No posts had been edited, or removed and to be honest, I was shocked. 

When I started looking for internships, one of the first things that I was told was to check my internet presence, and of course, this includes social media. After attending different workshops on this, here are some tips so that you can keep your internet presence as good as gold. 

Google yourself at least once a month

You truly never know what you will find. A couple of years back before even knowing what an internet presence was, a friend decided to google me and she found a blog I used to have in 2010 where I had diary-like entries. I was shocked!

Clean your social media

Employers do look you up on social media, especially if you are going into an industry like fashion or media. Take the time to go over your pictures and archive or delete pictures that may be inappropriate or just not who you are anymore. 

Use social media as your platform

Social media can be a way to express how much interest you have in your desired industry as well. For example, if you’re looking to work in fashion, using your account to show your curiosity and knowledge of the industry is great! You could even get more followers, and it never hurts to build a following!

Update your LinkedIn

It is important to keep your LinkedIn updated as you will most likely be looked up. Whether it is an employee or a potential date, what you have accomplished so far matters. Make sure you have a good picture and a good introductory line. If you have any publications or certifications be sure to feature them. 


If you attend an event be sure to go in your platforms and reach out. It never hurts to build a network!

Nowadays when our whole lives seem to be out there for everyone to see, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Hustle on,