First Date Red Flags

Going out on dates and meeting new people can be very fun and exciting, however, we always need to keep our eyes open and don’t let our excitement blind us to these first date red flags! 

Doesn’t understand your need for safety

If your date thinks that you are exaggerating by wanting to meet in a public place rather than their house, or in a coffee shop you know rather than one in a dangerous part of town, then simply cancel the date. This means they aren’t mature enough to understand that your needs will sometimes differ, and shows you that their need for convenience trumps everything else. 

Reschedules the day-of 

There is nothing worse than getting ready for a date only to then get a text asking to reschedule because something “came up”. Even though it sucks, I consider it a blessing because it shows you early on that they don’t value or respect your time. This is not black or white though; sometimes emergencies and unexpected things can happen. As long as they let you know and apologize for it, not simply tell you that they can’t make it, you should consider giving them another chance. But don’t forget about it! Take note and make sure it doesn’t become a habit. 

Calls all their exes crazy!

If they talk about how all their past exes have ended up being crazy and completely irrational, this is a huge red flag. What are the odds that ALL of them just randomly started mistrusting and acting irrationally? You have to wonder why that is, and if you think about it, your date is the common denominator there.

Mistreats the waiter/waitress

This one is a common red flag. If your date talks down to someone in the service industry or is rude to your waiter or waitress in a restaurant do yourself a favor and don’t schedule a second date. You don’t want to date someone who is rude or who believes they are better than anyone else because of their job. And if they’re rude, what guarantees that they won’t eventually treat you like that too? Don’t waste your time and skip this one.

Is too overly romantic or touchy

This is called love-bombing! It’s a tactic some people use in order to make you get a false sense of security and influence you. This can be a part of the cycle of abuse and these relationships can often end up with violence.

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