You Graduated! Now what?

Congrats! After years of studying, stress-eating, all-nighters, and difficult professors, you’ve made it! You’ve graduated from college. But now you might be asking yourself, what you should I do? Everyone tells you to get a job immediately after college, but is that the only option? No, it isn’t! There are many things you can do after graduating and here are 5 of them:

Take a gap year

You just spent 4 or more years studying and stressing out, so it’s normal for you to want to take a break. And who doesn’t love to travel? You can take a gap year to recharge, travel, and experience new cultures. Taking a gap year could be a chance for you to be more productive and discover yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on skills or pick up new ones. Learning languages for example is a great way to take advantage of your gap year. After traveling for a couple of months, you can pick a country where they speak the language you wish to learn and immerse yourself. You will be surprised at how much faster you’ll learn by having the opportunity to practice what you’re learning with native speakers. If you do this, no one will tell you that you wasted a year or were bumming out on a beach somewhere. Languages are one of the most useful skills out there.

Teach English in another country

Just like taking a gap year, teaching English in another country will let you travel and experience a new culture, but you will be getting professional experience and earning money as well. Many countries are always looking for English speakers and don’t require you to have teaching experience or a bachelor’s in education. Usually, they only require a college degree in any field and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. This will allow you to not only travel and experience living abroad, but also to learn the local language whilst you are there. 

Get a job

This is the most common path that college graduates take. Whether you want a job in the public or private sector, there are many resources out there to help you find your perfect first job. 

Career center

Most colleges and universities offer their students career help through their career center, and even once graduated, most still have a program dedicated to helping recent alumni. So take advantage of it! The career center has the most up to date information about job searching. Your university might even partner with some companies and have on-campus recruiting available. They can also help you build your resume, or give you a better idea of what kind of jobs are available in the industry you want.

Employment websites

Most companies advertise their job openings through various employment websites. These are great because they have a wide range of job listings and you can select your job and location preferences, and apply to as many jobs as you want. There are several websites such as Indeed, RippleMatch, Handshake, and even LinkedIn. But if you already have some specific companies in mind, check out their websites as they might post their job openings there as well.

Continue your education

If you graduated from college and want to be a lawyer, doctor, professor, or specialize in a particular area, then continuing your education might be the path for you. Go to graduate school! This is your opportunity to keep studying and learning to meet your future career goals. Make sure to do your research and look for the graduate programs that will help you best achieve your career objectives before applying, as not all programs are made the same! Make sure to choose the one that will benefit you the most.

Start your own business

If you have an idea for the next innovative product or a passion for a particular field or activity, then starting your own business might be ideal for you. To start your business you don’t need to have a genius idea; you just need to have a lot of passion and drive to make it to the finish line. Starting a business also doesn’t have to be anything big; it can be anything from starting a blog to designing the next best tech gadget. As long as you have a passion for it, you can build your dream job out of it!

Hustle on,