Great TV Series To Explore Different Industries

When you are not yet in the industry you want to be in, it doesn’t hurt to watch shows that are inspired by different industries. Who knows, maybe you will get inspired as well and see a character whose qualities and life you aspire to have. Here are some shows I suggest watching based on different industries:


“The Newsroom” is my favorite show. It was created by Aaron Sorkin and follows the story of different employees of ACN (Atlantis Cable News). It is set in New York and it introduced me to my favorite fictional character ever. The series follows the story of Will McAvoy and how his new EP (executive producer) MacKenzie McHale revamps his news show with the help of different producers and analysts. 

You can watch it on Hulu with the HBO add-on.


“The Bold Type,” tells the story of three young millennial women in NYC as they navigate life in NYC and try to advance their careers by attempting to make it into different positions at a magazine. While this is a fictional story, it was inspired by Joanna Coles’ life and career as the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. 

You can watch it on Hulu!


“Industry” is a new HBO show set in London, which tells the story of young graduates trying to secure permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co. I sort of stumbled into this show on Hulu and after the second episode, I was hooked. I have always known that finance is a difficult industry but I think this gives you a different perspective. The grads follow a work hard, play hard mentality, which living in NYC is something that you see a lot. I even mentioned the show and the plot to friends in the finance industry and they confirmed that it was a lot of pressure, but that they wouldn’t have it any other way. While it is a fictional series, I think the stress level these grads go through is real, and it can help you figure out whether you are built for finance or not. Other than that, I like how it’s set overseas because it gives you a chance to look at different scenery! 

You can watch it on Hulu with an HBO add-on.


“Scandal” is a fictional show set in Washington D.C. that focuses on the story of Olivia Pope who has a crisis management firm and serves the president. She gets romantically involved with him and is by his side through the ups and downs of the country’s crisis and his own family crises. An interesting fact is that the show was based on Judy Smith who was a PR executive and a former aide to G.W. Bush. The show has 7 seasons so if you’re thinking about binging on something, this is your show. 

You can watch it on Netflix!

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