TikTok For Days

Scrolling through TikTok, I’ve found some accounts that may actually help you understand different industries better and give you some tips and tricks to advance your career!


@financefornormalpeople teaches you some tips and tricks in finance in a way that’s easy to understand and also has some funny videos!

@hardesshotline If you’re looking to destress, this is your go-to place to find finance comedic videos! 


@wanderingcrystal has videos on dark history! If you’re bored and want to learn something interesting, this is where you’ll find it! Interesting facts also make for an interesting conversation starter which can be useful for your next business meeting!

@mrcoreycohen shows different places in New York City and tells the history behind them! If you live in New York or simply want to learn more about it, this is a great account to follow!


@marketingdudes shows marketing case studies that are great for learning more about the subject! They also explain why some things are done in a certain way from a marketing perspective. 


@psychologytheory is the best place to find psychology facts that may change the way in which you see things!


@internmakers gives you tips to land your dream internship or job! They tell you where to look for internships and how to prepare for interviews! 

Resume Tips

@resumetips has all the tips you will need to write an amazing resume!

@careerbabe gives you tips on how to answer interview questions, grow your network, and how to stand out once you are an intern!

@chrristen answers your doubts from whether you should include your GPA on your resume to leveling up your work!


@yulygiraldoasesoraimagen This one is in Spanish, but it is great to learn more about having good etiquette which is always important when you’re in a business setting, and in life!


@haleyhoffmansmith gives you advice on how to better manifest your dreams and career goals!

So, if you’re on TikTok, procrastinate wisely!

Hustle on,